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Scholarship School BD

An academic community for higher studies, research guidelines, leadership and management skill development for Bangladeshi Students.

Scholarship School BD (SSBD) is a non-profit voluntary community that provides scholarship, research, and leadership-management skill guidelines to Bangladeshi students for free. Various events and workshops are arranged where Bangladeshi students can develop their academic, scholastic and leadership skills.

History & About

Scholarship School BD (SSBD) was founded on 14 June 2020 by Md Nazmul Hasan Topu, a PhD student at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He was also the elected Secretary of Graduate Student Association in his department at the university for 2021-2022 term. Additionally, he is also serving a voluntary position as the Vice chair (University Relations) for Bangladeshi Engineers and Computer Science Professionals of British Columbia, Canada.

We are relentlessly working on the betterment of Bangladeshi university students to develop their research mindsets, academic excellence, career skills such as public speaking, leadership, management and team working abilities. 

Scholarship School BD (SSBD) has a combined Facebook & YouTube community over 100K+ members currently, who receive free advice and guidance on the relevant matters of scholarship, research and higher studies. 

SSBD iDesk

Event Date: 18 March 2023, Saturday, 09:30 - 10:30 PM (BD time)

Scholarship School BD (SSBD) knows that you have thousands of questions and confusions regarding scholarship, research and higher study. We know what you want! Enjoy the precious guidelines directly from a scholar every month for free. Everyone can participate in our SSBD iDesk session and learn all about higher study abroad directly from a scholar who went through the same process.

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Info Session on
Higher Study, Research & Scholarship Abroad

Event: 08 OCT 2022

Md Nazmul Hasan Topu (Founder of Scholarship School BD) will deliver a talk in a webinar arranged by Jagannath University on higher study and research opportunities as the keynote speaker. All students of Jagannath university are welcome to participate. Please share with your JNU friends. 

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Our Past Campus Events

NSTU Campus Ambassadors Meet n' Greet 2023

We are excited to see all our Campus Ambassadors of NSTU in the meet n' greet program on 12 May 2023. The program was presided over by NSTU Campus Committee president S Ahmed Fahim and General Secretary Md. Imam Hossain Miyazi. More than 60 Campus Ambassadors happily joined our program. It was wonderful to see your dedication and love to Scholarship School BD. The program was sponsored by Md Nazmul Hasan Topu, the Founder of Scholarship School BD


Scholarship School BD in News Media

Our activities are regularly covered by Bangladeshi news media.

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Fundamentals of Research Methodology

Learn the most important skills needed in research

This course will introduce fundamentals of research methods with a focus on developing critical reasoning skills and applying the skills to write a successful research article as a project at the end. You will learn vital research skills directly form a world class research scholar with a practical project at the end of the course. For details, read here.


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Research Camp

Opportunity to do research under a PhD scholar

Research Camp is exclusive opportunity for Bangladeshi undergraduate and Masters students to do research under the supervision of a PhD scholar. There will be opportunity of publishing the research paper. The duration of the camp is around 3 months. Students from science, engineering, arts, humanities and business backgrounds can join the camp. They will be distributed in various teams according to their disciplines and research interests.

See details below:

Research Camp 01, Research Camp 02, Research Camp 03

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Primary Activities

Research Guidelines

Undergraduate students in Bangladesh do not have enough facility to do research. Therefore our organization provides extensive subject-wise research mentorship facility to the students from science, engineering, biological sciences, business studies, arts & humanities. Students can perform a mini research project under the direct supervision of a Bangladeshi research scholar studying MS/PhD abroad. 

Our Fundamentals of Research Methodology online course provides the undergraduates of Bangladesh to learn research methods, paper writing techniques, Latex, asking valid questions on research topics, research paper publication dynamics in journal and conferences etc. 

For more information, please join our Facebook group! Thank you.


Scholarship School BD- Official YouTube Channel

Scholarship School BD - Official YouTube Channel regularly releases precious video guidelines on scholarships, research and higher studies. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch the videos and gather knowledge.

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Join our Facebook Community

Our Facebook community Scholarship School BD has combinedly 50k+ members. In our Facebook group, members ask, share and learn various guidelines on scholarships, research and higher studies. If you have any queries on higher studies, scholarship, research and extra-curricular activities, feel free to ask in our Facebook group.  Join us in Facebook and let us learn together!

English Development Clubs


Writing club is designed to tickle your sensation of learning new sentence structure structure everyday through social interaction. This is a completely free club for all! Join us today!

Writing Club

Want to Volunteer as a Campus Ambassador?

Do you want to join as a Campus Ambassador of Scholarship School BD at your campus and represent us? Read the details below on joining details as a Campus Ambassador.

Video Interview of Some Campus Ambassadors

Mahfuzur Rahman Talukder

Mahfuzur Rahman Talukder is currently studying at the Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST).He is a campus ambassador and Asst. Manager of Scholarship School BD. He is a positive minded person, with high ambitions. Watch his  video interview to know more about him


Higher Study Blog

Scholarship School BD regularly publishes important and insightful higher study blogs. These blogs are extremely informative and carefully tailored to provide the best guidelines to the prospective higher study aspirants. If you did not check the blogs, please check them now and read them. It will certainly transform your academic life and career.


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Fill up the form below to contact me today. I will get back to you soon! Join our Facebook group for more details.

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