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Campus Ambassadors (CA) are our dedicated volunteers who uphold our scholastic philosophy and represent Scholarship School BD at their campuses.

We have hundreds of volunteers known as Campus Ambassador (CA) working on behalf of our organization at various universities of Bangladesh. At present, almost 100+ Campus Ambassadors are actively working in our organization. Below are some featured interviews of some of our campus ambassadors.

Watch Campus Ambassador Video Interviews.

Who can join as a Campus Ambassador (CA)?

Only Undergraduate students from Public, Private & National University

Benefits of Education Volunteering as Campus Ambassador:

1. Receive formal certificate of educational volunteering and enrich your CV. Education volunteering helps to enrich your profile for scholarship application. Read this article to know more about it. You can see the previous certificates here.

2. Build network with scholars studying abroad in our community

3. Get direct assistance of your scholarship application guidelines from SSBD's founder Md Nazmul Hasan.

4. Build your leadership and teamwork skillsets

5. Get official recommendation letter from SSBD's founder Md Nazmul Hasan for your scholarship applications to prove your volunteer experience

6. Campus Ambassadors can participate in various clubs such as speaking club, vocabulary practice session for free.

7. Most students earn by doing tuitions. During this Covid-19 time, it is hard to get tuition. Scholarship School BD has huge community over 25K+ members from all over Bangladesh. So, it can help dedicated Campus Ambassadors to get tuitions for free at this time of need.

8. You will be able to give "Campus Ambassador Interview" which will be featured in our official media. Watch our previous Campus Ambassador Video Interviews. 

9. You can receive promotion and become a future director, manger of Scholarship School BD that will give you an opportunity to lead a team.

10. At Scholarship School BD, we are like a big family of hundreds of Campus Ambassador from all over Bangladesh, and we will stand by one another at the time of need. 

Campus Ambassador (CA) Selection Process:

1. Firstly, we publish CA recruitment circular in our Facebook group, and website. Always keep an eye on our Facebook group for recruitment circular.

2. You have to submit an online application form given below. You can apply as a Campus Ambassador by clicking the button below. 

3.Selected candidates will be called for online orientation meeting just for basic introduction and verifying your academic status as student. 

4. Once you attend the orientation meeting, you will be appointed as Campus Ambassador at your university and can represent our organization at your campus. It is a voluntary work, and there is no salary.

5. You will be provided organizational badge as Campus Ambassador as soon as you are appointed. 

Apply for Campus Ambassador below.