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Fundamentals of Research Methodology

Learn the Skills Needed for a Fresh Researcher. 
Science/Arts/Business/Engineering - suitable for all backgrounds

Current batch registration is closed!! Please wait for the next batch registration to be open. Next batch tentative start time is March-April 2024.

You will learn vital research skills directly form a world class researcher and scholar Md Nazmul Hasan Topu with a proven research track record.


Who can take this course?

If you want to learn how research is professionally done in academia, then this course is for you! The course content has been designed in such a way that is suitable for any undergraduate and master’s student from science, business, arts, engineering background. 


Course Content:

Types of researches, Literature survey, Citation, Impact factor (IF), h-index, i10-index, Q1-Q4 Journal, Google scholar, reference management tool, Research ethics, Plagiarism, Research paper writing rules, Data visualization & sorting, Research paper writing tool: chatGPT, Quillbot, Mendeley, Latex, Thesis & research paper difference, Review paper, Publication steps in conference & journals, Identifying fake/predatory conference & journals

Course Instructor
Md Nazmul Hasan Topu, PhD Researcher
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (Canada’s Top#2 university)
Google Scholar: 19 research papers, 334 citations, h-index: 8, i10-index: 8
Founder, Scholarship School BD


Course Platform

online in Zoom

Course Duration

  • Three weeks

  • Total 6 classes (2 classes/week)


Class Schedule:
2 days/week - Friday & Saturday  at night 10.30 PM -11.30 PM (BD time) on Zoom

Course Start Date:
29 December 2023, Friday  10.30 PM -11.30 PM  (BD time)

Class Recording & Missed Class Policy:
We believe in real-world teacher-student interaction during class. Recorded class does not allow students to ask questions and learn directly from the teacher. Therefore, class recording will not be provided as per our pedagogical policy. You will be provided with lecture note slides in each class. If any student misses any class, we will arrange a make-up class session for those students. If the student also misses that make-up class, then we do not bear any responsibility for the missed class any more.

Course Registration Fee

-Regular fee: 2000 BDT 

-Only for Campus Ambassadors (CA) discounted fee: 1500 BDT* 

*Campus Ambassadors (CA) are official volunteers of Scholarship School BD (SSBD)

Course Completion Certificate

After successfully completing the course, you will be issued a formal certificate that can ne shared in your portfolio, resume and LinkedIn.

For registration details, please scroll down and see below.


How to register the course?

Fill up the registration form online below and pay course fee by bKash

Registration deadline:

28 December 2023

For more information

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▪ Inbox us in our Facebook page

▪ Email:


Wavy Abstract Background
me circular photo.png


Founder, Scholarship School BD

Founding Engineer, Tensorbundle Lab

PhD researcher, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada​


Academic Excellence:

FYF Fellowship, GSI Scholarship & President's PhD Excellence Award recipient

Other Academic Achievements:
1. Successful admission offer at University of Oxford in Engineering Science PhD program
2. Full PhD scholarship offer at The University of Queensland, Australia

3. Full PhD scholarship offer at Arizona State University, USA

Other Voluntary Roles:

1. Community Leadership:
Vice-chair (university relations) - 2022-2023

Vice-chair (IT) - 2023-2024
Bangladeshi Engineers & Computer Science Professionals of British Columbia, Canada (


2. UBC affiliated leadership role:

Secretary, Graduate Student Association, ECE dept. (2021- 2022 term), The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada​

Research Profile:

19 research paper publications in Journal and international Conferences.

Google Scholar profile:

334 citations, h-index: 8, i10-index: 8

visit his  Google Scholar profile

National News Paper Article Publications:

1. বাংলাদেশি শিক্ষার্থীদের এক্সচেঞ্জ স্কলারশিপে কানাডায় পড়ার সুযোগ, দৈনিক প্রথম আলো

2. করোনা: বিদেশে উচ্চ শিক্ষার প্রস্তুতি, দৈনিক প্রথম আলো

3. স্ত্রী ও মেয়েকে উচ্চশিক্ষা ও গবেষণায় সুযোগ দেবেন তো, দৈনিক প্রথম আলো

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